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Hebden Clan surnames are registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies (click the logo to go to the Guild website). - email us at hebden@one-name.org !

Tree Charts

Name index code

Click on the tree chart or index you want to view. This will open an Adobe.pdf document in a separate window. To return to the Tree Charts List page close the .pdf window.
To view the charts and Indexes you will need Adobe Reader. Ths is normally pre-installed on computers but you can dowlnload and install it free by clicking the Adobe Reader logo below

Uncheck the McAffee Virus scan box before downloading!

Searching Tips: To save yourself time and hassle if you are searching for a specific name, (for example; William Hebden) check the sheet index and make a note of the reference number which looks like this: (E2/27).

Then open the chart by clicking it in the table on the Tree Charts List, which is accessed from the the Tree Charts tab on the menu bar above.

The tree will be displayed in a new Adobe Viewer window. In the "FIND" toolbar at the top right of the window, type the Reference Number you found in the index, and click on drop down menu arrow at the right-hand end of the FIND box. from the menu, click on "Find next in current pdf" the text will be highlighted. Use the ZOOM tools (+ or - or the marquee zoom) to enlarge the text to a readable size. FIND will only search the document on your screen.

Using the Indexes

The first two columns of the index list every name shown on the Pedigree Tree Charts. The third column gives the mother’s maiden name if the “Event” (shown in the next column) is a birth, or the spouse’s name if the event in the fourth column is shown as “Marriage”. Wherever possible, the mother’s or spouse’s name has been shown as a finding aid. A question mark “?” shows that a name (either Surname or Forename) is not shown on the chart.

The year is shown in normal type if the actual year of the event is known. If the year is shown in italics, it is an estimate or “best guess”. In the case of a birth year, the guess will be based on the known birth year of siblings, or 20 years after the birth years of the previous generation. For marriages, the “best guess” is 20 years after the birth year. Best guesses are included only as a finding aid.

Printing Tree Charts

All the charts are A4 in height (297mm) but vary in length from 420mm to 9 metres! Depending on your printer you might be able to "tile" the chart onto A4 and stick the sheets together, but you can buy any chart and index from us at a nominal cost using Paypal. Price includes postage, and dispatch is normally within 1 working day. Click on the "Tree Charts" Tab and then "Ordering Chart Copies"