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The Sad End of Mary Ann Hebden

Details of Mary Ann Anderson and her family can be found on Tree Chart 27 Brighton and Burnley at F6/27

Mary Ann was born in Peterborough, Cambridgshire in 1821. She was the daughter of a shoemaker, Stephen Anderson. Around 1830, the Anderson family moved north to Ashton under Lyne on the eastern outskirts of Manchester. In 1838 at the age of 17 Mary Ann married John Jones (occupation not known) and in 1841 gave birth to their daughter, Ann Jones. Their happiness was not to last, in 1843 John Jones was arrested and convicted at Salford General Sessions (crime not known) and sentenced to 7 years tranportation to Van Diemen's Land. (modern Tasmania, now a state of Australia). He never made it however, and drowned, in a failed escape attempt or washed overboard.
Now a widow, Mary Ann Jones and her child returned to the family business which had now moved to Copperas Hill, Liverpool, close to Lime Street Station.
Here, she met William Hebden, a shoemaker employed by Robert Anderson. William was on the run after a fight in Brighton, in which his attacker was stabbed with a shoemaker's knife. William and Mary Ann Jones married at Liverpool Parish Church on the 23rd of July 1847. The first of 8 children, Henry, was born in Liverpool in October 1848. The second and subsequent children were born in Burnley. Towards the end of her life, Mary Anne may have suffered a stroke, which resulted in the paralysis mentioned in the article below. Rejected by her family, her hopeless situation led to a desperate solution.....


The Leeds and Liverpool Canal towpath near to the spot where Mary Ann Hebden entered the water on the 19th June 1885, Whittlefield, Habergham Eaves. She was 64 years old. This image captured as storm clouds gather on a June evening 2007 (Author's Collection)

From the “Burnley News” Wednesday, 24th June 1885