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The Hebden family today certainly enjoys a rich mixture of bloodlines, including Saxon and Viking, and the ancestry is complicated and incomplete. Variations of the name include: Hebdon, Hebdin, Hepden, Ebden, Ebdon, and Epton. What follows is a considerable simplification of the lineage, but online sources are available and the lines of descent can be traced reasonably quickly even if understanding them takes a little longer!


The name Hebden is made up of two components "Hep" or Hip - for a Wild Rosehip and "Denu" - Old English for a wooded valley. Hence Hepden "a valley where Rose-hips grow". The actual name is tied to the location of Hebden, a village in Wharfedale, North Yorkshire. The variations in the name occur largely because of local accents and recording before standardised spelling became the norm in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Hebden name has been linked to the Wharfedale area since earliest times, and over the years offshoots of the family have grown up in Burnsall, Conistone, Cracoe, Appletreewick, Stalling Busk and many towns and villages in the area. Most (or all!) Hebdens living today will have some connection with one of these early family lines.

Distribution of the Name

According to a project using NHS data there were 3,873 People with the Hebden surname or one of its derivatives alive in England, Wales and the Isle of Man in 2002. The total comprised Hebden (1,097), Hebdon (334), Hepden (188), Hepton (495) Hebdin (<4), Ebdon (858), (Epton (691), and Ebden (207).

The figures were adjusted to allow for various statistical factors, but give a reasonable indication of actual numbers with a particular surname. See http://www.taliesin-arlein.net/names/