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No.240932 Sergeant Harry Hebden (C20/27) enisted in the 1/5th East Lancashire regiment, 42nd Division, and was later transferred to the 66th Division. He was promoted to the rank of Drill Sergeant, and in March 1917 he was wounded in a gas attack at Passchendaele on the Western Front. He was brought back to England and was convalescent at Scarborough until he was demobilised in 1918. He never completely recovered and died on the 17th January 1929 at the age of 44. This is a typical posed photograph taken shortly after he joined up.

This is an image shrouded in mystery. Originally this was thought to be Mary Ann Hebden, (C6/27) a cotton weaver of 2 Bridge Street Burnley, Lancashire. Old and infirm, her family refused to support her and threw herself into the Leeds and Liverpool Canal when she was refused entrance to the Burnley Workhouse. However this is not the picture of a destitute Lancashire cotton weaver! She is well-dressed and carrying a prayer-book or bible. She is standing in the gateway of a smoke blackened middle-class house around 1900. Any ideas on the date of the image?

George Chappel Hebdon, 1881 - 1941. (E95/16) George was born in Luddington, Lincolnshire in 1881, the son of Isaac Hebdon and Eliza Chappell (Two LL's) He was the 9th of 11 children. He is seen here with his wife Edith May (Watson) (E96/16) whom he married in 1901 in Goole. With them are two of their ten children, Edith May (D113/16) and Ernest Hebdon (D109/16). George was a Keel Boatman, working on the sailing barges that plied the Humber Estuary and the busy waterways round Grimsby, Hull and Goole. He was drowned in April 1941, when he fell into the Aire and Calder Canal basin at Wakefield during the blackout. His wife Edith died in 1972. Of the five surviving children, Ernest married and died in 2007. Edith May married and had two daughters of her own.
This formal studio portrait was taken around 1928 just before the family moved from Goole to Bingley. Note the currently fashionable "Mary Jane" shoes! (Picture by courtesy of Kathleen Hebdon)

Bryan Nightingale Hebden, Joiner and Carpenter (F45/8), born in Filey in 1847. His mother, Susan Nightingale, (G48/8) was a cousin of Florence Nightingale. In 1871 he married Elizabeth Ann Goodrum 1856-1892, and they raised a family of 10 children. He married his second wife Christiana Heaton in 1902. The family emigrated to Edmonton (Canada) around 1905. Bryan Nightingale Hebden died sometime after 1914. (Picture courtesy of Jean Green)