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Hebden Clan surnames are registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies (click the logo to go to the Guild website). - email us at hebden@one-name.org !

Hebden clan names used as a forename

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the maternal family name was often used as a forename. The family name of a grandparent was also used in this way. The use of a Hebden clan name included as a forename is a good indicator to a female parent or grandparent being a Hebden or variant family member.

This downloadable 16 page list of individuals contains surname, forename(s), age at death, event, date (day month year), registration district, GRO page and volume number between year 1837 and 1915. to download, click a link below.

Two versions of the same list are available for download: surnames sorted alphabetically and surnames/BMD events sorted by date. source: FreeBMD